Eczema’s Examiner – Lavandin Oil

Jerry mouse just made the life of Tom cat a lot tougher…he still continues to…Likewise the life of certain things/people is always infested with something that makes life for them a lot tougher…Okay I agree…this was the lamest reference and explanation possible…But please bear with me…I hope you got the link…

What I meant  to say was that if there are certain things to pester us then there are others to bail us from the pestering…Lavandin oil is one such bailing element from the pestering and pathetic Eczema…

Before anything understand the condition Eczema in detail…

This word Eczema basically comes from two Greek words… ‘ek’ meaning out…and ‘zema’ meaning boils….Basically eczema…which is also called dermatitis…is a medical condition wherein the skin swells….The discomfort and pain arising from the small blisters of the skin makes it feel as if it is boiling…

Eczema is a hypersensitivity reaction…it is not considered a disease and it is not contagious….Its just that the skin gets more reactive to anything that touches it and hence…it easily itches….Itching will make you scratch so flare-ups will be triggered…Also…one might feel uncomfortable in the presence of water….Also quite a lot many people that have this condition and use rubber gloves when washing dishes or doing other daily activities….Its an extremely hygienic thing to do…draw inspiration…

As a matter of fact..there is no discrimination as far as advent of this disease is concerned….Both children and adults may contract eczema…but it usually occurs in infants…The cause of eczema is not yet known…but it often affects those having a family history of allergies….A lot of people suffering from eczema have asthma or allergic rhinitis…or have relatives who do….

And even according to the National Institute of Health…approximately 15 million people have eczema in the United States alone….Around 10 to 20 percent of babies have eczema…but the condition will greatly improve by the time they are 5 and 15 years old in nearly have of them…Others will continue to have the said condition for the rest of their lives….

Lavandin…The Examiner Of Eczema

Lavandin is basically a hybrid of true lavender and spike lavender…Lavandin is an easier crop to manufacture and it is-

  • Sharper
  •  Harsher
  • Contains far more camphor than true lavender

And it is even used in soaps…detergents…lotions….and hairspray as the aroma is more lasting than that of true lavender…

To add on to the faith….it is an age old herbal medicine and also the most known scent throughout the aromatic world… In aromatherapy…it is regarded as the most versatile essence….Lavender has the Latin name ‘Lavare’ that means “to wash”….Since ancient times…lavender oil has always been known for its healing powers….It has been used as a natural

  • Antiseptic
  • An anti-depressant
  • An antibiotic
  • A sedative
  • A detoxifier

Its surprising to know that even the ancient Greeks used this oil to treat throat infections…constipation and chest conditions while the Romans used lavender flower heads in communal baths…Although lavender oil has numerous applications but its most beneficial use is in the treatment of skin disorders where it has been shown to be highly effective…

Conditions like Eczema which can be treated well due to its anti-inflammatory effect…It gives its best effect when added with chamomile….Also… it can be used with cold compresses as well… have a look at our refernces…

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