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One leads an entire life believing what has been, since the very beginning, in front of his eyes…Oblivious to ‘real’ reality…Again, why should he dig into the ‘so-called-reality’ when his present makes happy, sated, and he feels that he could ask for nothing more…

But then…reality is mean, it likes to give surprises, and surprises the poor happy individual when, like always, he is engrossed in his surreal life…his ‘reality; shatters…breaks down to smithereens…and the individual?

Well…don’t ask about him…he now belongs nowhere…’his’ reality shattered and the ‘real’ reality is nowhere close to being accepted in one life…

You must be wondering what am I talking about, and why am I talking about it…Well…I just flowed in some private emotion, sorry about that, but again whatever I wrote is not completely irrelevant…

All these, that we have been considering scientifically sound and ‘harm-proof’…I mean the things we apply topically or consume internally to deal with our various external and internal woes…are ‘really’ that safe!

Where did they get their base from?

The ‘real’ healing mother nature…which had been protecting and flourishing lives since the times the humans knew nothing of science or technology or medicine…

It won’t be wrong to bestow the title of Father Medicine to oils like Lavandin!

The Lavandin plant from which this essential oil is obtained is not a natural plant in the true sense, because it was born as a result of hybridization of two plants with scientific names Lavandula Angustifolia and Lavandula Latifolia done by scientists. That is why Lavandin is scientifically known as Lavandula Hybrida and Lavandula Hortensis.

 The aroma and medicinal properties of Lavandin is quite similar to those of Lavender, but are more intense and sharp, since it is a hybrid. The main components of this oil are Lavandulol, Linalool, Linalyl Acetate, Camphor, Cineole, Caryophyllene, Camphene, Dipentene, Limonene, Ocimene and Terpinene.

he health benefits of Lavandin Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties like –

  • Anti depressant
  • Anti septic
  • Analgesic
  • Cicatrisant
  • Expectorant
  • Nervine
  • Vulnerary

Let us now see how it is similar or advantageous to its cousin Lavender in terms of medicinal properties.

•        Anti Depressant…Lavandin Oil boosts self esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength and efficiently fights depression. This can be very helpful to drive away depression for those who are suffering from depression due to failure in career or love, insecurity, loneliness, stagnation, someone’s death or any other reason. This also relieves anxiety. Being an anti depressant, it can be systematically administered to patients of acute depression who are undergoing rehabilitation

•        Anti Septic…Essential Oil of Lavandin has certain compounds which contribute to its anti septic properties. By virtue of this property, Lavandin Oil can protect wounds from being septic. It is found effective in preventing incisions from being septic or getting infected from tetanus, particularly after surgery, caesarian deliveries and other wounds.

•        Analgesic…Analgesic simply means an agent that reduces pain and inflammation. Lavandin Essential Oil helps reduce pain in muscles, joints, toothache and headache etc. resulting from viral infections like cough & cold, influenza, fever, pox etc.

•        Cicatrisant…This is an interesting property of Lavandin Oil. It makes the scars and after marks of boils, acne and pox etc. on the skin to fade away. This includes fading away of stretch marks and surgery marks, fat cracks etc. associated with pregnancy and delivery.

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